Keto-873 Processor harvester head

The new KETO 873 processor is designed for processing larger trees in demanding conditions of North America
and elsewhere. Keto 873 is the latest model of Keto product family. This 3360kg/7400lb head can be installed on
30+ ton tracked base machines.


KETO-873 Processor - Technical data


Weight (including rotator and link)
3360 kg
Height (to the center of boom hanger pin, bottom arm open) 3080 mm
Depth (tilt up) 1700 mm
Width (closed, main frame) 1600 mm
Width (open outside guards) 1970 mm
Length 2370 mm
Saw Bar type 3/4"
Top Saw;24"bar

type 0.404"

Knives/Arms 3+1
Maximum opening (knife tip to tip) 860 mm
Maximum opening (tracks link surface) 1020 mm
Rotator 360 degrees, oil and electrical pass-through 22680 kg
Tractive Force ( 500cc motors ) 39.3 kN
Track Feed, pivoting track frames 2 tracks
Track size (length)
640 mm
Track size (width) 230 mm
Maximum Feeding Speed 5.5 m/s
Recommended Oil Flow 300 -380 l/min
Maximum System Pressure 260 bar
Length Measuring system dual or single track


Compatible measuring device: