Keto-660C harvester head

Keto-660C is equipped in view of North American requirements. The head has a fixed track system and an eco tilt with an integrated rotator. The topping saw, butt search sensor and saw stop function ensure efficient and safe operations. 

KETO-660C - Technical data


Weight (including rotator)
1705 kg
Height (to the center of hanger pin) tilt up
1999 mm
Height (to the center of hanger pin) tilt down 2450 mm
Rotator built-in
Depth (tilt up)
1200 mm
Width (closed, main frame) 1118 mm
Width (open outside guards) 1400 mm
Length (to the tip of top knife)
1651 mm
Saw bar (maximum)
Top saw
Knives/arms 3 pcs
Maximum opening (knife tip to tip)
622 mm
Maximum opening (tracks link surface)
699 mm
Feeder type (tracks number)
Maximum feeding speed
5.5 m/s
Tractive force (motor options)
27.2-36.1 kN
Track (length)
730 mm
Track (width)
185 mm
Oil flow 208-380 l/min
Maximum system pressure 260 bar
Recommended carrier size 20 ton +
Measuring length dual sensor measuring


Compatible measuring device: