Keto-150 Major harvester head

This Keto-150 category harvester head is equipped with an eco tilt with an integrated rotator. Thanks to its strong frame structure, the head is especially suitable for the stack processing of small trees. The head has a fixed track system, which means that there are fewer wearing parts and that the saw is always in a straight position.

KETO-150 MAJOR - Technical data

Height in felling position  1651 mm
Height in processing position  1900 mm
Width in open position  1199 mm
Width in closed position  960 mm
Length in processing position  1349 mm
Depth in felling position  1015 mm
Weight  990 kg
Felling diameter  560 mm
Delimbing diameter  597 mm
Delimbing knives  3
Maximum working pressure  260 bar
Recommended pump capacity  189-341 l/min
Saw bar length  25"
Feeder type  Track
Feed force
 26,6-30,4 kN
Maximum tree weight
 1400 kg
Maximum feed speed
 5,5 m/s
Engine power of base machine
 90 hp+


Compatible measuring devices: