Keto-150 HD Eco harvester head 

Thanks to its sturdy structure, the four-knife model of the Keto-150 series is a suitable harvester head for excavators and large forest machines. The strong eco tilt facilitates the moving and handling of tree trunks after felling and speeds up operations.

KETO-150 HD ECO - Technical data


Height in felling position  1757 mm
Height in processing position  1757 mm
Width in open position  1400 mm
Width in closed position  1150 mm
Length in processing position  1600 mm
Depth in felling position  1130 mm
Weight  1040 kg
Felling diameter  620 mm
Delimbing diameter  450 mm
Delimbing knives  5
Maximum working pressure  210 bar
Recommended pump capacity  240 l/min
Saw bar length  25"
Feeder type  Track
Feed force
 24 kN
Maximum tree weight
 1400 kg
Maximum feed speed
 3,8 m/s
Engine power of base machine
 100 kW


Compatible measuring devices: