Keto-100 Karate harvester head

Keto-100 Karate. Thanks to its large grapple opening, it serves well as a multi-purpose harvester head that handles delimbing, cutting and sorting easily in mountainous terrains with steep slopes. If necessary, it can also be used for loading. The head has a fixed track system, which means that there are fewer wearing parts and that the saw is always in a straight position.

KETO-100 KARATE - Technical data

Height in felling position 1305 mm
Height in processing position 1330 mm
Width in open position 1320 mm
Width in closed position 1020 mm
Length in processing position 1305 mm
Depth in felling position 1220 mm
Weight 810 kg
Felling diameter 470 mm
Delimbing diameter 400 mm
Delimbing knives 4
Maximum working pressure 250 bar
Recommended pump capacity 150 l/min with Karate-system
Saw bar length 22"
Feeder type 5-line track
Feed force
21 kN
Maximum tree weight
1000 kg
Maximum feed speed
4,9 m/s
Engine power of base machine
49 kW with Karate-system


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