Experienced staff, latest technology

KETO harvester heads are manufactured by experienced staff with the latest technology and automation at its disposal. Read more.

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Optimal efficiency and reliability

KETO harvester heads are highly suitable for both thinning and demanding final felling. Read more

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Harvester head range tested and seasoned in the worlds forests

Suitable KETO harvester heads are available for different base machines, for instance agricultural and forest tractors and excavators. Read more

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Saw logs should be free of major surface damages – KETO ensures they are.

Jukka Vainionpää’s Keto-150 is the 20th KETO harvester head for him and the 1000th Keto-150 manufactured. In celebration, the harvester head was painted gold and mounted on a 811H Logman.

With the exception of one, all Juho Pihlajaviita’s harvester heads have been KETO heads.

KETO harvester heads have always been good, and in the course of years, they have become better and better.

Juho Pihlajaviita with KETO

The feedback on our spare part service is also good: the spare parts arrived the following morning.

However warped the tree is, KETO will delimb it in no time. Pentti Niemelä

Pentti Niemelä with KETO