In 1977-1979, Kone-Ketonen’s Managing Director Lauri Ketonen tested the feeding of tree stems, using first a four-roller and later a simple roller feed system. His experiences of the roller feed were extremely good, and after a few years of development work, he introduced the first Keto-100 harvester head in 1983.

Kone-Ketonen Oy was established in Kristiinankaupunki in 1984, and the serial manufacturing of harvester heads equipped with a roller feed system started in 1985. Lauri Ketonen, his wife Maisa Ketonen and two employees made a total of 25 harvester heads per year. At the same time, Lauri Ketonen designed new models, which soon found a ready market.

In 1990, the size of the manufacturing facilities was 600 square metres. Today, the facilities are more than 7000 m2, and the annual production volume is about 200 harvester heads. In the record years of the 2000s, the production was up to 300 heads per year and the 2000th KETO harvester head came out of the production line. Today, Kone-Ketonen exports 80 percent of its products.  The 4000th KETO harvester head was sold in summer 2012.

The Company’s product development is systematic and customer oriented. Today, KETO harvester heads are used in dozens of countries on four continents, and Kone-Ketonen gives work to 25 people. In 2014, the Company celebrated its 30th anniversary.